To Whom It May Concern


I have a new found respect for Psychedelics. They're insanely powerful, and I now realize that one needs to approach them VERY carefully. I have also realized that I've done wrong in creating this website. I understand now how dangerous it can truly be to constantly trip. It's an addiction, and I no longer want to enable that.


I apologize if you use this website frequently, but I can't in good conscience have it existing on the web. If you want to, the information is out there to build it again. It's certainly not a complex website, with a little fiddling you can figure out how to recreate it if you wish, I just no longer want to be attached to it.


Above all else, I've learned that these drugs NEED TO BE RESPECTED.

If you have any suspicion you may be abusing psychedelics, please, take a break from them. You have your whole life to trip. Take time between trips to integrate your experiences, and fully understand your reasoning for wanting to have these experiences in the first place.


Please be careful.

Thank you,